Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Black and Red Grouper?

Grouper is a lean, moist fish with a distinctive mild flavor, and a flakey firm texture. Red Grouper has a slightly sweeter flavor than Black Grouper.

Can you tell me where your shrimp are from?

The shrimp in our seafood display case are a Wild Domestic shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico. We also carry a frozen Jumbo Key West pink shrimp. Either are a wonderful choice for any meal.

What is Rock Shrimp?

Rock shrimp have a hard shell with a texture and flavor like that of a lobster.  Rock shrimp can be broiled or sautéed in garlic butter for a simple and delicious meal.

How do I cook the seafood I selected?

If you are learning to cook seafood you may find it to be one of the simplest of foods to cook.  It often makes for easy and fast meals.  Often you can just season and sear your fresh fish filet.  Crab legs often just need reheating and can be boiled or steamed.  Shrimp cook very quickly and can be boiled, fried, or pan sautéed along with other ways of cooking.  Scallops can be lightly sautéed, or oven baked.  We are happy to help you with cooking ideas when you select your seafood here, be sure to ask.

How long can I keep the seafood I buy from you?

It is generally recommended that raw fish or shellfish stored in a home refrigerator be eaten in one to two days.  Plan to cook and eat your product within that time to keep it from beginning to deteriorate in quality.  You may also freeze fresh seafood to enjoy later.

How should I store my seafood?

We wrap most of our seafood in watertight bags that prevent leaks.  They even eliminate freezer burn if you’d like to freeze some of your purchase.  Keep fresh seafood in your refrigerator, uncluttered allowing air to circulate around it.

Where does you seafood come from?

Our seafood comes from our local waters and from many places around the world.  If you would like specific details, please be sure to ask as we can provide you with this information in our retail market.

What is one of the differences between Wild and Farmed?

Fish in the wild eat a natural diet and tend to be slightly lower in saturated fat than farm-raised varieties. Farmed fish can be slightly higher in omega-3 fatty acids, likely due to the farms’ fortified feed.  Some farmed raised fish are farmed in wide open pens that swim freely and eat a natural diet.  Feel free to ask us any questions you have.

How should I cook my crab cakes?

You’ve found a great crab cake and now you can pan sauté them in olive oil or butter.  Pat your cakes down a bit and place them in your pan on medium high heat.  Cook for a couple of minutes on each side until they are browned just the way you like.  If you prefer to bake, place them in a preheated oven at 350° for 15 minutes or until done.

Do you carry Live Lobsters?

Yes, we do.  We have lobster tanks onsite, including a commercial three tier tank in our wholesale division directly alongside our retail department.

Do you offer Holiday and Party Platters?

We have beautiful party platters including a traditional shrimp platter.  Call (727) 321-1068 to ask what we are offer for your special occasion.

Does seafood have a season?

Yes, although some seafood is available most of the year other products are very seasonal.  Our local stone crab season is October 15th through May 15th each year.  Other items also have seasons, and a few are only available from time to time due to fishing quotas.  We always do our best to have the widest possible variety.

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