VISION – Gulf Coast Seafood is the Leading Seafood Provider to discerning customers on the west coast of Florida.

MISSION – Using our unique process for cleaning, and packaging our product, the Gulf Coast Seafood team is passionate about providing only the highest quality seafood while exceeding all crucial food safety and labeling standards.

VALUES – Gulf Coast Seafood is committed to providing quality products with the consistency, honesty and integrity that our customers and their customers can count on and deserve.

Additional Values

Ozonated Water – We provide safe seafood processing using Ozone Technology.  Custom cut fish are rinsed in chemical free Ozonated water to reduce bacteria.  Our plant is also kept continuously clean using Ozone sanitation.  Ask your sales representative for further explanation on the benefits of Ozone.

Hand Cut – We custom hand cut orders to specifications.  Each customer has different needs and we specialize in providing individual orders to our customer’s requests.

Vacuum Packaging – We provide Cryovac vacuum packaging in 10K OTR Shrink bags to eliminate cross contamination.  There are many additional benefits to this packaging which your sales representative will be glad to expand upon.

Going Green – We have refrigerated trucks running on Compressed Natural Gas – CNG, which is the cleanest burning transportation fuel on the market today.  It is also domestically produced and an abundant fuel.

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